Thursday, November 10, 2011

Deck The Halls (But Not Too Soon)

Yesterday, my friend and former MSMIT classmate Ken posted a copy of this sign on his Facebook news feed with the comment that he wholeheartedly supported this strategy and would be doing some of his Christmas shopping at Nordstrom because of this stance.

It has been a while since I shopped in a mall and I had completely forgotten that Nordstrom approached the holidays in this way.

I am in full agreement with this strategy!  It really is a little disturbing to walk into a store on Halloween and already see Christmas decorations everywhere!

Zoe will be decorating for Christmas during the week of Thanksgiving.  My far more talented decorator friends Janice and Karen will be taking the lead in making Zoe's windows beautiful and inviting.  There will be a contest in Old Town for the best decorated window.  The winner will receive recognition from the mayor and a big red bow to display prominently at their location.  I will be sure to share pictures of Zoe's windows with you!  (and let you know how to vote if you think Zoe's windows are the best!)


  1. Good for you, Susan! The holidays really do have a lot of meaning for many of us and it takes so much away when it is advertised in August/September/October - by the time the holidays are here we are all numb. Nothing could keep up the momentum for that long!

  2. Thanks, Janet! We are trying to be respectful of what the holidays really mean. Watch the blog later this week for something we hope to do to make a difference for everyone involved!