Monday, November 21, 2011

The Mobile Showroom

I've talked in previous posts about the "Road Reps" who bring the different fashion lines sold through their showrooms to Zoe.  This is always a big help to me because it allows me more time to review a line (especially when it is new to me) and helps me manage my time at market much better.

Recently, I was contacted by a rep from one of the Atlanta showrooms regarding a line I had been considering - Yoana Baraschi.  I was very intrigued when the rep told me that he had a Mobile Showroom for me to review the line.  What might this be?

James showed up right on time and told me that the Mobile Showroom was parked in the metered spaces behind my building.  I grabbed my coffee, my notebook and my phone and rounded the corner of the building.  And there it was!

The showroom had a nice table set up where I could write in my notebook and make notes on my linesheets.  It was warm and comfortable.  And James had it set up with Slat Grid on one of the walls so he could hang the pieces for my review.  The only thing missing was a place for me to try on the items (he offered me to take anything I wanted into the store to try - oh, how I wanted to but I was tight on time).  It really made for an enjoyable, easy experience for both of us!  I have no idea how much something like that must cost but it would definitely be a great way to travel!

Next Up:  Zoe Gets Ready for Christmas

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