Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oh the Places You'll Go!

Not quite the same focus as the wonderful children's book from Dr. Seuss but I thought this was the perfect title for this entry.

I've mentioned how much I enjoy it when customers will come into the store wearing something they have purchased from Zoe or tell me about wearing the item.  Recently, one of my local customers stopped in the purchase a gift for a friend.  As she was looking around, she told me that she had worn a dress she had purchased in the store to a book signing party for one of the Kennedy family members.  She said "You were right there with me!"

When I thought about her comment, I realized that I DO get to go to a lot of wonderful places!  I've been to countless weddings and rehearsal dinners.  I've been on trips to Italy.  I've been to awards presentations.  I've been to the beach.  I've been on first dates!  I've even been to the awarding of a Distinguished Flying Cross!  It is one of the many aspects of boutique ownership that I love - having the opportunity to be part of people's lives and helping them feel good about the way they look in their clothes.

I've thought a lot about how I used to feel in the corporate world.  How I loved it when I found an article of clothing that  was completely comfortable and complimentary.  I'd wear certain items when I would feel anxious about other things with the thought that at least I didn't have to worry about what I was wearing that day - I was free to worry about everything else!  Let's face it - our clothing should never be a distraction for us!

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