Sunday, November 6, 2011


One of my favorite major holidays has always been Thanksgiving.  Although I've heard stories of the event being fraught with family tensions and chaos, for me it has always been a relaxing day (even when I have cooked the meal) full of good food, good company, and good thoughts.  And of course the day after Thanksgiving was always a relaxing day to catch up on rest and reading.  (See my lack of Black Friday shopping post!)

I had been thinking for a couple of months about what I wanted to do for my customers for the holidays.  I wanted to take the opportunity to let them know how very much I have appreciated their business and support in the 7 months since Zoe opened her doors.  While I have very strong feelings about Christmas and celebrating that holiday for the appropriate reasons, I realize others celebrate other holidays or none at all.

As I continued to think about it, I realized that what I wanted to express to my customers was a perfect fit for a Thanksgiving card!  But where to find the right card?  The cards I looked at didn't seem to be appropriate or were just flat out unattractive!  Who would know where to guide me?  Of course, it was Cori to the rescue!  I emailed her to ask if she knew of companies that produced good corporate cards for Thanksgiving and she immediately got back to me with 4 wonderful suggestions.

As I looked at the offerings, I found myself most drawn to a company called Cards for Causes.  Not only did they have beautiful, customizable cards but they also donate 20% of each card purchase to the non-profit cause of the customer's choice!  What a great situation and a chance to allow Zoe to continue her focus on charitable work!  The beautiful cards are on order and should arrive this week so that I can begin preparing them for mailing.

In a continuation of "The Places You Will Go", I went to the Breeder's Cup in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend.  A customer who lives in Louisiana called me from Louisville on Friday to tell me that she was wearing one of the dresses that she ordered from the store and asked if I could ship her another one in a different fabric!  I had always wanted to go to a horse race at Churchill Downs!


  1. I love the idea of a Thanksgiving card! Which cause will you support this year?

  2. Juice, I chose the American Cancer Society this year. It is one that is dear to my heart and since cancer seems so prevalent these days, it unfortunately seems to touch every family in some way.