Monday, February 27, 2012

If It Is February must mean it is time to shop for Fall!  "What?", you say.  Yes, that's how it works.  Before I even have all of my spring deliveries, I need to start thinking Fall!

The "big" seasons (Spring and Fall) are too much for me to do in one day.  I made a trip to market in NYC on Tuesday, February 21st and will be going back the day this blog is published (February 27th) to visit some showrooms and have lunch with one of my designers.  One day, I hope to be able to stay in NY for multiple days in a row and get it all done at once.

If you've been a reader of the blog, you know that I always take an early NE Regional to NYC on the day I'm going to market.  Tuesday's train was right on time and, since the market was at the Javits Center, an easy walk on a brisk, sunny NY morning.  Registration was quick and easy and I went first to visit one of my sweater lines - Laurie B.  I was their first customer and the first to write an order with them at market.  Hopefully I started them off on the right foot!

Then my day began in earnest.  I had 8 appointments to meet prior to my 4:42 pm train back to DC.  Since I've written about market in general several times, I'll touch on the highlights.

  • I didn't carry any coats this past year because I wasn't really sure of the market for them and, it turns out, it was probably a good decision with our warm winter.  However, I have decided to bring in a limited number of coats/jackets this winter.  I am very excited about the stylish selections!
  • I saw quite a bit of sapphire blue in all of the collections as well as a beautiful copper color.  
  • A big highlight of the trip was getting to meet Tracy Reese following my appointment to see her Fall line.  She has the most beautiful smile and was so warm and genuine.  And she radiates joy.  Just like my meeting with Yoana Baraschi last market trip, I feel like I'm meeting a rock star (for my industry)

The lovely Tracy Reese

  • I learned my lesson from the last market and did take an energy bar with me to eat during one of the appointments.  I apologized to my hosts in advance.
  • During the course of the day, I managed to lose both a bottled water and a bottle of Diet Coke.  Those of you who remember my propensity for leaving my beverage at your desk, in a conference room, or on a random file cabinet/counter will not be surprised at this.
  • I fell so in love with one piece that the ladies at Beth Bowley were calling a Swacket (a combination Sweater and Jacket) that I threatened to take it with me!
  • One of my lines ended up being a huge disappointment.  I'm not sure where the designer is taking the line (both from a design and price point standpoint) but I'm hoping for better in the next deliveries.
  • One of my lines has a dress named "The Susan" (not after me, but I can pretend).  Of course, I want to buy it.
  • I'm taking a little step into bringing in some more accessories and, drum roll, a run of flats and a run of booties for Fall.  I will never go very deeply into shoes due to space constraints and the fact that we already have two great shoe stores in Old Town.  But I liked the offering, they had no minimum requirements and I thought it would be a nice addition to the line.   We'll see how it goes!

I finished right at 4 pm and made the quick walk (now under cloudy skies and into the wind) back to Penn Station.  I had just enough time to grab a bite to eat before hopping on the train.  A long but successful day.

For my friend Renee, I wore an Alice & Trixie grey sweater dress with black almost the the knee boots and black tights.  

Next up:  Market Trip 2


  1. I always love hearing about your NYC trips. I can't believe how much you get accomplished!

    So, with the designer that disappointed you, did you place any order at all? Do you now find a new designer or just order more from your existing ones?

    1. Thanks, Juice! I think most people think I'm a little crazy for my "scheduling intensity"! With the designer who disappointed me, I placed a very small order (I was able to find a couple things I liked) and used the money I would have spent there on a new designer.