Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Preparing for Valentine's Day at Zoe

It was so wonderful having Zoe's windows decorated through the Christmas holidays that I really missed the extra sparkle after I took everything down prior to the start of the New Year.   My extremely talented friends Janice and Karen had said that they would like to keep decorating the windows as appropriate as the year went on and I agreed it was a real benefit to the store to do so.

As always, I give them carte blanche in determining what they would like to do with the windows.  and they never disappoint.   They have also recently formed a company to showcase their decorating and furniture restoration talents - Semper Stylish!  You will see their watermark on some of the photos I share in the blog.

And, great news!  NO voting on this window display!  Just enjoy!

First, they start with raw materials - pretty "bling" and sparkly hearts

Add Poster Board (from Michael's) and Karen's new Cricket Silhouette machine (or, as the non-crafy person like me calls it - the stencil paper cutter thingy)

It not only cuts these amazing stencils but also the clear plastic pieces to hold them together.

In order to hold the 3-D shape and have the structure to showcase the "bling", they add the clear plastic surrounds and hooks for easy hanging.

The window starts to take shape on a cloudy Sunday afternoon.  (Karen makes many trips up and down the ladder)

It looks like it is raining hearts on Zoe's mannequins!

The pink and red hearts are a perfect fit with Zoe's blue themed windows.

A view from outside the store.  The "bling" really sparkles when we have sunshine.  And the hearts really draw people's eyes to the window and to the store.

I'm thinking of starting a sideline business as their agent but they won't need me for long!  (of course, there would probably be a permit required for that too - Alexandria humor).

Next up:  Preparing for the Warehouse Sale


  1. Thank you! I am so fortunate to have such creative, talented friends!

  2. This looks terrific! How nice to have such great friends!