Monday, February 13, 2012

Warehouse Sale - Part I

At the very end of 2011, I found out that Zoe would be part of the 2012 Old Town Boutique District Warehouse Sale.  This event, in it's 7th year this year, is traditionally held on the first Saturday of February (barring bad weather) at the George Washington Masonic Memorial at the top of Old Town (at the intersection of King Street and Callahan Drive).

Each participating vendor has either a small or large space and is allotted one (for small) or two (for large) 8' x 2' table.  The rest of the design of the space is up to the individual vendor.  The main purpose of the event is to allow the vendors (local Alexandria boutique owners and jewelry/accessories designers) to sell stock at drastically discounted prices (anywhere from 65 - 90% off) to fashion-minded bargain hunters.  The vendor boutiques are a mix of shoes, clothing, and home goods.

Since this was Zoe's first year to participate, there was much to learn.  Each participant pays a set amount for their size space and also provides a copy of their certificate of insurance.  Part of the money paid for the space goes toward publicity for the event.

Intern Anna and I started preparing for the event by updating the Point of Sale system with the items remaining from Spring/Summer last year.   Then it was time to determine what to do about the price tags.  We decided to print out new tags (showing the original price) and then mark the Warehouse Sale price with a "Zoe Pink" ink.  Anna was dispatched on her first field trip to PaperSource to obtain the proper pen.  I would also do the same for the Fall/Winter items that I would take to the sale but would wait until closer time to the sale to make those changes.

About two weeks prior to the event, we learned that there would be an opportunity to publicize the event on the morning broadcast of our local Fox affiliate.  Those of us who were participating were assigned a model from a local high school to showcase an outfit that would be under $100/$150 at the sale.  We were encouraged to pick items with color to better show up on the broadcast.

We were told of our model's sizes and were sent a picture so that we would have an idea of what would work best for her.  Of course, Brianna (Zoe's model) was even prettier in person than she was in her picture.  Her mother brought her to the store to try on the dress (a great Alice & Trixie Pucci inspired print) and we also picked out some ADMK Jewelry earrings (not on the sale) to compliment the look.  She was then dispatched to The Shoe Hive to be outfitted with appropriate shoes for the broadcast.

How adorable is she?

Before I knew it, Tuesday afternoon had arrived and it was time for me to take Zoe's items to the Masonic Memorial to get set up for the television broadcast.  Of course, I took far too many things.  But you don't know until you've gone through it at least once!  After a little (actually, a lot) of anxiety on my part, Zoe's "broadcast table" was ready to go.

Gorgeous Tracy Reese 3/4 Shift on Table, Beth Bowley Geometric Print Dress on Mannequin

Next up:  Warehouse Sale - Part II - The Broadcast

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