Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Junior Friends Toast To Fashion

In our year end post, one of the events we had been excited about this year is the upcoming Junior Friends Toast to Fashion to be held on the Belle Haven Country Club in Alexandria on Thursday, March 22nd.  The sponsors of the show, the Junior Friends, are a dynamic, involved and philanthropic group of young women.  The events that they hold help promote and support the great work of The Campagna Center here in Alexandria.

On Friday of last week, Zoe's beautiful model Katelin came in to select the items she'll be wearing next Thursday night!  First, we talked about her likes and dislikes and then went through the store to select all of the possibilities for the evening!  Ladies, if you've ever gone into a store and had the chance to try on anything and everything you like, you know how much fun it can be!

As we tried different combinations, Katelin would model for me (aided by the Steve Madden platforms that I still had at the store from my "model shoot").  We would rank the selections as "keep" or "discard" and ended up with two great looks - one from Beth Bowley and the other from Yoana Baraschi!  (I'll keep their visual identity a secret until I post on the actual fashion show event)!  Katelin left with her two dresses and made her way to the store which was my "shoe partner" for the event - Bishop Boutique.  By the time the evening had closed, she was ready for her modeling debut!

Tickets to the Toast to Fashion are on sale now!  Don't miss out on this fun event and the chance to do something wonderful for The Campagna Center!

Next up:  The "This is Retail" video with the Cake Pop Girls


  1. Hooray! I hope this is some great publicity for Zoe. :)

  2. Thanks, Juice! And we also got to dress another model last week. We are so excited for the event!