Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Planning for Zoe's First Birthday

I've experienced some over the top first birthday parties and some very sweet, low-key ones.  I've always wondered what kind of mother I would have been - a big blowout at a park with a moon bounce?  A Chuckie Cheese extravaganza?  A quiet, at home event with a few friends and family members?

When planning for Zoe's first birthday party, I'm trying to strike a balance.  I'm doing a lot to try to publicize the event (meaning lots of people are "invited") but the event itself will be reflective of my particular tastes (and budget).   As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm working with Affordable Signs and Banners on a banner for the celebration.  I've ordered the MOST delicious cake pops from the ladies at Alexandria Cake Pop Company.  And I'm working on a surprise gift with purchase featuring Zoe herself! We will also have store-wide discounts and drawings for gift cards over the two day celebration (April 6th and 7th).

Yum!  Cake Pops!

The biggest challenge is getting the word out.  Of course I'll use all of the normal methods (email list, Facebook, Twitter) but I've also posted the event on the Alexandria Convention and Visitors Association website and the Old Town Alexandria Patch website.  I've asked the bloggers behind the Alexandria Lifestyle website to publicize the event.  I've made requests of a couple of organizations associated with the Washington Post to include the event in their publications and I plan to run local newspaper ads.  As I am preparing to join the Old Town Boutique District, I'll be adding the event to their calendar and email blast.  I hope it will turn into an opportunity to celebrate with current friends and make new ones!

I'm also thinking about asking my brands to publicize the event (or at least wish Zoe a Happy Birthday!).  I am confident that some of the smaller ones will be happy to do so but will find out about the larger ones!

It is hard to believe my "baby" is almost 1!  We've definitely had our challenges and have more to come but I LOVE her!

Note:  One of Zoe's biggest cheerleaders, the one and only Juice, visited us in the store on Saturday!  It was wonderful to see her walking up the stairs!  Thank you for making the long trek to see us, Juice!

Next:  Working with Zoe's model for the Junior Friends Toast to Fashion


  1. It was so great to get to visit with you and see the lovely Zoe again! Just wish I had brought my camera and thought to blog about it. (Some blogger I am...) ;) My earrings are just lovely. I've already received compliments on them!

  2. So glad you love your earrings! How did Chloe like her dog treat?