Monday, March 26, 2012

Springtime Window Decorations

I have always been in awe of creative people.  You've probably picked that up as a theme as you've read my blog over the past two years.  I find that I love to surround myself with them because they are such an inspiration to me.  How fortunate I am to have two such talented and creative people as Janice and Karen as friends, not to mention honorary "Aunts" of Zoe!

On Wednesday while I went downtown to see Intern Anna's final presentation, they not only watched over Zoe but they installed the springtime window display!  They would not tell me what they were going to do beforehand but instead wanted me to be surprised when I returned.  This was fine with me - I know that they know what I like and don't like and would take the utmost care to create something beautiful and perfect for Zoe.

The beautiful flowers you are about to see were created using tissue paper, cardstock, double-stick tape, and glue.  As Janice said "This is the least expensive display we've done for you!"  A thumbs up from me (although none of them have been even remotely expensive due to their tenacity at finding inexpensive materials combined with their ingenuity).

To learn the details about their creative process (and how they incorporated the Cameo Silhouette), please read their delightful blog at  For those of you who love antique furniture and unique items, please make sure you see them at Luckett's Spring Market on May 19th and 20th.

On Friday, a customer came into the store and told me she drives by Zoe every morning and loves looking at the windows!  She was especially drawn in by the beautiful flowers!  On Saturday, a group of young ladies were shopping in the store.  One was visiting from Boston and was taking pictures of the flowers on Zoe's wall (pictured below) and in the windows.  Her friends said "Oh, you are such a tourist!"  She didn't care - she said "They are beautiful!  I want to remember them!'

Recognize this tissue paper?  It is Zoe's signature pink polka dot paper!

The windows will be perfect now and as we continue into spring.  I have to think that Zoe's retail and residential neighbors appreciate the beautiful and appropriate decor.  

Next up:  Mirrors Tell A Story