Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Edison High Fashion Show - The Experience

With the Edison High School Fashion Show scheduled for Friday, April 20th at 7 pm, my plan had been to go directly from Zoe to the show.  Closing at the normal time (6 pm) would leave me plenty of time to get there.  Good for Zoe (but bad for my plans) I had shoppers in the store after 6!  When they finished up, I closed quickly and headed for the school.

The instructor had told me to let the young women at the ticket booth know that I was one of the store owners/managers.  They directed me into the large lecture hall where the fashion show would be held.  The mother of the show manager saw me and then directed me to the VIP Lounge.  Let me note right now that this is probably the only time that I will ever be in a VIP Lounge of any sort.  (The closest I ever come is when I'm traveling with my brother on football related trips).  The students had soda and refreshments set up for the owners/managers prior to the show.  

When we were summoned to the show, we were given front row seating (right next to the runway).  Another first (and probably only)!  Each chair had a program and a gift bag (containing a bottled water and a coupon for a discount on a prom tuxedo).  Like all fashion shows, this one had a delayed start but the mistresses of ceremony were enthusiastic and quickly got things kicked off.

The theme of the show was Then.Now.Next so each "scene" was from a different era in fashion.  The program outlined which stores were represented and the students modeling in that scene.  The runway music was also appropriate to the era.  Each scene had both male and female models.  I knew what to expect from the young ladies but I was very impressed with how nice the young men looked in their fashions.  

The show started with the 1920s and then moved on to the 1950s.  During a brief intermission, a young woman who was also a student sang two songs for the audience.  Of course, I was eager for the 1970s scene to see Zoe's fashions on the runway!  Following the 70s, the students did a scene for the 2000s and then the "Next" portion included young brothers and sisters of the students wearing dressy ensembles.  The theory being that the young ones were the future of fashion.

The students had sold raffle tickets and they also did a drawing for three gift baskets.  As a finale, a group of Edison High graduates performed two rap songs, finishing up just shortly after 8 pm.

The instructor returned the clothing to me on Saturday morning prior to noon and said that everyone had a great time.  She has promised to send me photos of the students as soon as they are available.  Armed only with my iPhone camera, my photos were not blog caliber!  

It was fun to see the students put on an event like this (and to be a VIP for the evening!)

Next up:  Denim Day

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