Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Junior Friends Toast to Fashion - The Event Experience

In my blog post a couple of weeks ago, I had mentioned the preparations for the Junior Friends Toast to Fashion.  This was one of the events that I had been looking forward to since late last year and I wanted to make sure to blog about it!

The event took place at the Belle Haven Country Club which is a beautiful location just outside the Alexandria City Limits in Fairfax County.  I closed up the store right on time and headed to the event for the 6:30 start time.

I had struggled with what to wear - I wanted to be fashionable yet comfortable!  I chose a new Issa London dress that I am selling at Zoe (and had already bought one for myself).  I love the dress but it is one of those that looks like nothing on the hanger.  It can be tied in the front or the back to create two completely different looks.  I am trying to get a copy of the picture of me in front of the photo wall at the event wearing it (although if I do get the picture, you must ignore my huge hair - it was horribly humid that day).

The photo wall was a fun thing - the first time I had gotten to do something like that.  I have (embarrassingly) looked at enough celeb magazines to have perfected "the pose".  Probably not something that I should be proud of!

I was early enough to get one of their delightful goodie bags containing some lovely samples and coupons.  My favorite is the lavender filled eye mask - now if I can only find time to use it!  They also had light refreshments, a large television showing the NCAA Basketball Tournament games, and several local vendors set up around the venue.  They also had a couple of bars set up as well as an area containing raffle items.  Their strategy around the raffle items was a good one.  You could purchase raffle tickets and then put them in the bowl for the item(s) that you hoped to win.  So you weren't worried that you might win something that you might not use!

The models were mingling with the crowd when I arrived and I got to visit with both of Zoe's beautiful models.  They were already wearing their first outfit of the night so they were getting to introduce Zoe to others even before the show.

Once the show started, you got to see a variety of items on display - everything from clothes like Zoe's to men's clothing to children.   Sleepwear and exercise clothing was also included!  Pictures of Zoe's models (courtesy of Lara Mote Photography - the official show photographer) are below:

The Beth Bowley Poppy Fields Dress with Skinny Black Patent Belt

Issa London's Aquamarine Wrap Dress

Yoana Baraschi's Pink Date Dress

Yoana Baraschi's Apres Tennis Dress

In between the first and second parts of the show, the Junior Friends gave awards to members who had made contributions to the group above and beyond the norm.  This was very lovely and touching.

When the show was over, I did leave shortly after saying hello to a few people I hadn't yet spoken to during the event.  It has been a long day but Zoe could now say she had experienced her first fashion show!

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  1. Zoe's aunt janiceApril 5, 2012 at 5:14 AM

    Looks like it was a nice event. The clothes look beautiful on the models, they all look so radiant.

  2. Your models looks beautiful. And I love that they are "real people" size, not stick people size (no offense to your skinny self!). You should post these pictures near the dresses so that people can get a feel for how the dress wears - maybe they'll be inspired to try them on themselves!

  3. Thank you Aunt Janice and Juice! I thought the models looked lovely too! (No offense taken, Juice!)