Monday, April 23, 2012

Edison High Fashion Show - The Fitting

A few weeks ago, I received a call at the store from a young student at Edison High School in Alexandria, Virginia.  She asked if Zoe would be willing to participate in the Fashion Marketing class Annual Fashion Show.  Curious but unsure of the requirements and the details behind the request, I asked the student to send me information on the show.  Once I had read the detailed request from the class instructor, I agreed that Zoe would participate.

I was very excited about the opportunity, one reason being that if we had a little Zoe of our own (or Alexander, as our son would be named) he or she would be attending Edison if they went to public school.  It always feels good to be part of something in your community.

The instructor asked if the students could come to Zoe for their fitting on Monday, April 16th at 3 pm.  This was perfect since the store is typically closed on Mondays and I did not have anything personally scheduled for that time.  I arrived at the store in plenty of time, partially to make sure that the air conditioning was working properly on such a warm day!

The young women arrived in groups of two and three.  One young woman was brought by her mother (and accompanied by her 4 young siblings!)  At the height of the fitting, there were 7 teenage girls, 4 young children, a mother, the instructor, and me in the store.  Organized (almost) chaos!  Zoe's two dressing rooms and even the bathroom were busy for try-ons!

The show's theme was Then.Now.Next.  Each "scene" of the show would depict a particular decade in Fashion and Zoe would cover the 70s.  With so much of fashion being influenced by 60s and 70s looks these days, it was not difficult to find outfits that worked for the students.  We were also fortunate to be well-stocked for Spring so we had a variety of different items in different sizes.  The young women were polite and well-behaved (although they all want to wear things VERY short!)
The Yoana Baraschi Neo Baroque 70s Tunic was one of the items selected for the show

The fashion show is completely planned and carried out by the students, with oversight from the instructor.  The "scene director" made sure to note the different outfits selected by the students and I put all of those aside for pick up by the instructor later in the week (in time for the show on April 20th).  They also asked for my logo and information to include in their program.

After the students left, I was focused on the task of getting the store back in order!  Each girl had tried on multiple outfits and I had to make sure to get everything back on the right hanger and in the right place again.  I left to the store to go on to other meetings that evening, wondering what Friday night would be like.

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