Friday, August 2, 2013

5 Days, 5 Outfits

Today was the final day of work for a dear friend and valued co-worker at my day job.  People showed their love and appreciation for her in a variety of ways, including gifts of all types.  But being so fashion and style focused, I just had to share my favorite gift with you!

A self-confessed tomboy who nonetheless loves pretty clothes, my friend has always said she struggles to put together the right combination of clothing and accessories for work.  In order to start her off in her new job in style, three friends got together and outfitted her with clothing and accessories to cover the first 5 days in her new job (plus a bonus outfit to wear to go out with her husband next Friday night to celebrate a successful week at her new company!)

Each day's outfit was wrapped with care in tissue paper, tied with ribbon, and included a card outlining how it could be worn "as is" or combined with other things in her wardrobe!  Included in each day's package were outfit appropriate earrings and accessories!  She may have a lot of things on her mind as she adjusts to a new commute and a new work environment next week, but she won't have to worry about what to wear!

It really made me think about gift giving in a different way.  We all notice what our friends wear - why not give them something to accent that great skirt or pair of jeans?  And tell them you were thinking of that favorite piece in their wardrobe when you purchased it!  

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