Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What Kind of Shopper Are You?

Some of you may remember when magazines had quizzes.  Your answers to these 10 questions might tell you anything from what type of prom dress you should buy to the type of man who was your ideal mate to the sort of home you prefer.  They were affirming and, even more so, entertaining.

If I were to write one of these quizzes, I would write one to ask "What kind of shopper are you?"  My first question would be "Who do you prefer to go shopping with?"

As you can imagine, I have the opportunity to observe lots of different shopping styles.  And while shopping is intensely personal and each person approaches it in her own unique way, there are some trends.

1) With a partner or friend - This is probably about 45% of our shoppers.  Spouses, a significant other, a good friend, a co-worker, or even a son/daughter!  This shopper is then split again by those who value the opinions of the person with them and those who are secretly wishing the other half of their party would go on down the street to Ben & Jerry's!

2) On her own - We probably have another 45% fit this category.  She might be enjoying a leisurely hour to herself, be on a mission for a special piece, or simply prefer her own feedback to someone else's.  I must confess that I am this type of shopper.  If I feel comfortable with the salesperson, I might interact with her and discuss possibilities regarding shoes or accessories but if not, I will keep to myself.  That's why we like to give each customer their "space" at Zoe.  If we feel you'd like interaction, we love to work with you.  If not, we understand that you'd like to browse or try on in peace!

3) With a group of friends - If I had to guess, I'd say our remaining 10% falls into this category.  In some cases, everyone is trying things on and modeling for each other and in others, maybe 2 or 3 are shopping seriously while the others are providing moral support and opinions! Shopping is a social activity and they consider it a great day out with friends.

What kind of shopper are you? And why?

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