Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tee It Up

College Football season kicked off tonight and I could not be more excited!  Probably my favorite sport, it combines optimism, hard work, joy, passion, and an all around good time.  But what does this have to do with fashion?

You won't find much in the way of University of Georgia fashions in the DC area.  When it comes to football, we are mostly an NFL town.  Virginia Tech, UVA, and Maryland battle it out for college prominence but with no major concentration in the Alexandria area.  I may occasionally see something for Zoe and think "Oh, I'll bet a Maryland grad would love that."  But we don't get a lot of requests for school color clothing.

A boutique in a college town, however, must do their buying with the local University in mind!  Two of my favorite boutiques, Duo in Charlottesville and Sonia Says in Athens, GA make sure to have plenty of school color merchandise on hand, especially in the Fall.  As I scrolled through my Facebook News Feed yesterday, I saw this adorable Bulldog scarf at Sonia Says.

I immediately asked in the comments if they took phone orders and they confirmed that they did and would ship to me!  When I called today, they quickly processed my order over the phone with the promise to send it out tomorrow!  I will be fashionably adorned in time for next weekend's game.

Like Sonia Says, Zoe does phone orders too!  We even did one in response to our trunk show this past weekend!  It is not at all unusual for a customer to ask us to take pictures to send them them and then decide to place an order.  And of course, it is very easy to see our new arrivals (and sale items) on our Facebook Store (and purchase from there also!)

I hope your team wins this weekend (unless you are playing UGA, of course!)

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