Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Don't Own Yoga Pants

Well, until now.  I do own yoga pants...I think - I'm still questioning it.  But let me explain.

I've wanted to get back to some type of structured exercise for some time.  And I had heard a great deal about The Barre Code, located in the Del Ray area of Alexandria.  One Sunday afternoon, I stopped in and met the owner, Amy, and was impressed by her and the facilities.  So last Sunday night, I decided to take the plunge and buy a 10 lesson package, figuring I could determine in that amount of time if it was for me or not.

Determined to jump right in, I registered for my first class on Monday evening.  Womp Womp.  I was wait listed!  On Monday, thinking that it was a possibility that I might make it off the wait list, I grabbed the first few items I saw in my "exercise clothing" drawer and headed out the door.

A quick check of my email just after 5 pm revealed that I had made it off the wait list and into that evening class.  And it started at 6:30.  Time to jump in the car and take off like a mad woman for Alexandria!  I made it in time to change into the clothes I brought with me....and then I realized I had a problem.  The bottoms were ok - Nike tights that I used for other exercise classes and running.  But the tops.  Oh, the tops.  I had a pink sport bra and what turned out to be a red tank top that was actually a pajama top.  Made even worse that it was a Christmas pajama top with two reindeer kissing on it.  (And lets not talk about the fact that I had brought no shoes to change into - rather than going out into the parking lot in my high heels, I chose to put on socks).

Note 1:  Whenever I am with someone and we see someone who is wearing ill-fitting or unmatching exercise gear and the person I am with makes a derogatory comment, I always say "Well, at least he/she is trying!!"  When I looked at myself in the mirror in class that night, I just had to say "Well, at least you are trying!"  (And hope that my classmates were saying the same thing).

Note 2:  When I told both Tara and Alexandra about this, they were both ashamed of my fashion disaster.  I promised them it would not happen again.

Pressed for time, I did not get the chance to check any of the local stores for the appropriate exercise wear.  I found myself in a Lululemon.  Kind of like a craft store, I felt like an impostor.  But I took a deep breath, tried on a couple items, and left with a top and pants that seemed appropriate.  And I said to myself "Did I just buy yoga pants?"  I checked their online store - my top is definitely a yoga top.  I think the pants could qualify as running pants.  That's what I'm telling myself anyway.  (Not that there is anything wrong with yoga pants.  I just never pictured myself wearing any.  As I always say "Never Say Never")

I looked much more stylish in my Friday class.  By the way, I do love it and really recommend it if you are looking for a great, challenging workout in the Alexandria area.  But, as always, it made me think.  Why couldn't I easily find workout clothing in a local store?  Where could I find it?

I have taken steps to get approved as a reseller of exercise clothing for three different lines.  I'll pick one to see if I can satisfy an unmet need for my customers and women in Alexandria.  And try to make sure I don't go to class as a fashion disaster anymore!

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  1. Awesome, Susan! I have a few friends who LOVE the Barre type classes.
    Confession: I'm a Nike shorts and t-shirt girl. Maybe it's time to update my workout gear too.