Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Zoe Anniversary, Alexandra

Did you know that Alexandra is Zoe's longest tenured employee?  In honor of her two year anniversary (today!) read along as she shares an insiders view of Zoe.

Q.Why did you want to come to work at Zoe?

A. Honestly, I was a freshman in high school desperate to find anyone who would hire a minor. I had sent e-mails to many stores in the Old Town Boutique District and only one replied, Zoe Boutique. I knew it was one of the newer stores so I did my research and visited the store "undercover" (since Susan had not met me yet). I instantly fell in love. I loved Zoe's mission of creating beautiful and elegant empowered women through clothes. That really spoke to me. Also, the fact that more than half of the store was stocked with "Made in America" clothing was an added bonus.

 At first I was a little intimidated. I was still in the process of breaking out of my shell in high school and working in retail is 99% communication with customers. I knew the cliental would usually be older than me and I was worried. I did not want the customers to think I was incapable of helping them because of my age. My first couple months at Zoe I really tried to absorb the environment and grow. I do think my experience at Zoe allowed me to mature at a faster rate.

Susan was so nice and welcoming that I instantly felt at home. After my first weekend working at Zoe I knew that this was the place I needed to be and am so glad I decided to work there.

Q. Favorite piece that you’ve ever seen in the store (and why)

A. This is a hard one! I tend to lust over Rebecca Taylor, Chan Luu, Velvet, and Graham and Spencer. However my favorite piece would definitely be the Issa dress with the fern pattern. It is such a classic dress and can be worn so many different ways. I think about it all the time! Also, I love every single one of Rebecca Taylor's jackets. The tailoring is impeccable and I have promised myself that for my first corporate job I will treat myself to a Rebecca Taylor jacket. 

Q. Favorite Zoe piece in your closet (and why)

A. After working at Zoe for two years I have accumulated many pieces from the store. I can't pick just one favorite piece. It would probably be a tie between my white peplum Rebecca Taylor top and my Alice and Trixie patterned pants. Every time I wear either of these pieces I receive multiple compliments. I also must award an honorable mention to my navy Velvet jacket I purchased in the fall. I have gotten the most use out of that piece. 

Q. Craziest thing you ever had happen to you in the store.

A. Well I can honestly say that working in retail is very interesting in various respects and working at Zoe has NOT been boring. I have many interesting stories but two stand out among the others. 

My first is one time I had an interesting customer at the store and she was trying on the Kathlin Argiro wrap dresses. I had assumed that it was a given that they were dresses but appearently it wasn't. The women came out of the dressing room flashing her entire front to me with only the minimal undergarments. She had thought that the dresses were robes and she needed help brainstorming ideas on what to wear underneath. I was so stunned and am quite possibly scarred for life. 

My other story is the Professor. He is the nickname I have given to an older man who used to close to the store. In the summer he would patrol the corner near the Christmas Attic and supervise the traffic habits of the bicyclists, runners and cars.  Many times he had a hose in hand and would spray bicyclists who did not stop at the stop sign. He would frequently get in arguments over this and a couple times the bicyclists would circle back and squirt him with their water bottle. One time he even had an air horn that he would blow any time there was a traffic violation. I could watch him for hours and not get bored. 

Q. Favorite store event

A. My favorite event would be the Warehouse Sale. Even though it was VERY tiring I always enjoyed setting up the Friday before with Susan and Jim. It was cool to be there and see everything before everyone bombarded the booths the next morning. Also you get an unexplainable rush of adrenaline when you have one purchase after another and everyone is rushing around trying on clothes.

I also enjoyed any event that had cake pops (haha). I have been in love with them ever since Susan had introduced them to me (Alexandria Cake Pop has the best ones FYI). 

Q. What I love about Jim.

A. Jim is the best! He is always so funny without trying to be. All the stories Susan tells me about his take on things crack me up. 

Q. Favorite Susan quote.

A. MANY! I can't remember the exact words but one time she said "hip" in a sentence and it caught me so off guard, I thought it was hilarious. 

Q. When I see Zoe pink, I think...

A. I think of Susan! To me she embodies the fun, vibrant color of Zoe pink. 

Q. What you’ll miss most about the store.

A. My Zoe family. I have met so many great people while working at Zoe. I will miss all our customers who I truly care for and always enjoy talking to. I will miss telling Susan to "Say Hi to Jim for me!" every night before leaving the store after closing. I will also miss working with my Tara every weekend and telling her everything that is going on in my life (she has basically been my therapist this whole time haha ). I will also miss Susan since she has given me one of the greatest opportunities of my life.

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  1. This is such a great post! Happy anniversary Alexandra!