Friday, May 30, 2014

Saying Goodbye: Q&A with Anna (Zoe's Intern)

Students from the Fashion Retail Management program at the Art Institute used Zoe Boutique in developing a case study and recommendations for enhancements to the store's marketing strategy in the Fall of 2011. Anna was one of the students in the class and later asked through her professor if she could complete her internship requirement at Zoe. A wonderful partnership (that is now a wonderful friendship) was born! Anna shares her thoughts on Zoe in today's Q&A.

Q. Why did you want to come work at Zoe?

I had first learned about Zoe while completing a project for my Public Relations class. When I first met Susan she I was so inviting and knowledgeable. I knew that I wanted to learn more from her than what could taught during that project. As my final quarter of school approached I knew I needed to complete an internship. Susan was the first person that came to mind! I knew she would be able to teach me so much more than I could learn in a classroom!

Q. What is your favorite piece the you've ever seen in the store (and why)?

That's a tough one! I would have to say the Issa Kate Middleton dress. Once I saw it on a customer I fell in love, even more than seeing it on the soon-to-be Duchess! Everyone who tried on the dress looked great in it! Unfortunately as a college student at the time, it never made it to my closet!

Q. What is your favorite Zoe piece in your closet (and why)?

Technically in my jewelry box! My favorite purchase from Zoe would have to be my John Wind initial necklace. I had always admired the necklace in store, and finally purchased it after my wedding last year. Like any bride I was excited to show off my new last name, so I purchased my new last initial!

Q. Craziest thing you ever had happen to you in the store?

Definitely every now and again crazy things would happen in the store! I would have to say my favorite crazy experience was the unexpected wedding photo shoot being done across the street! It was so fun to be able to stand in Zoe and watch the bride smiling from ear to ear! It was one of the few good (crazy) experiences!

Q. Favorite store event?

My favorite event was helping Susan at her first warehouse sale! The event itself was not only great, but the prep work leading up to the event, and after when we came back to the store to tally the sales! It was such a fun experience, but it was also an amazing to go to New York and visit a couple show rooms, and meet a few of the designers on a quick buying trip!

Q. What you love about Jim?

Although I didn't meet Jim many times during the internship he was always smiling and seemed very supportive of Susan!

Q. Favorite Susan quote?

It's hard to pick just one! Susan was always so encouraging with all of my endeavors!

Q. When I see Zoe pink, I think...

Happiness...and my favorite color! Every day when I would walk in to Zoe I was always overwhelmed (in a good way!) with a flood of happiness! Susan created such an amazing shopping experience for customers but also created a great environment for her employees! I often wear "Zoe pink" and can't help but smile!

Q. What you'll miss most about the store?

Susan has kept me updated on the store since finishing my internship two years ago. One of the things I think I will miss the most is hearing about the stores new adventures, and plans for the future. Now Susan will be able to update me on all her new adventures, outside of Zoe!

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