Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Saying Goodbye: A Q&A With Janice

Susan and Janice became fast friends through their husbands, who share a love of vintage BMWs.  Janice has done everything at Zoe from helping Susan find the beautiful German antique cash wrap desk to assembling Zoe's fixtures prior to opening to designing Zoe's windows to working as an employee in the store. Janice gives us her take on Zoe today:

Q.Why did you want to come to work at Zoe?
I wanted to experience the growth of a wonderful, small boutique in Old Town.

Q. Favorite piece that you've ever seen in the store (and why)
There were so many pieces that I loved that it’s impossible to pick just one.

Q. Favorite Zoe piece in your closet (and why)
I love all my pieces from Zoe.  They all have such nice memories attached to them.  But, if I had to pick one, it would be my Alice and Trixie tunic top.  I love the bright colors and the versatility of the piece.  It can be worn as a dress, a cover up or a tunic top over capris or tights.  I recently brought it on my trip to Kauai as it folds down to nothing, doesn’t wrinkle and was a beautiful, light and airy piece to wear.

Q. Craziest thing you ever had happen to you in the store.
A customer had selected several items to purchase and then asked if she could use the restroom.  We do not typically allow people into the office space behind the store but she seemed as if it were urgent so I allowed her to do so.  She came back to the cash desk, looked in her purse and said "My credit card is in the car - let me run out to get it."  She never came back.  What really had me worried was that I realized that Susan had left the store check book on her desk when she had stopped by the store early that morning.  I was worried that perhaps the woman had stolen a check and I called Susan right away.  Fortunately, everything was accounted for but the woman never came back.

Q. Favorite store event
I loved all the events.  The trunk shows were interesting as it was great to meet the designers.  One of my favorite events was joining Susan on a buying trip to NYC.  It was eye opening to see all the work that goes into buying the beautiful clothing that ended up on Zoe’s racks.

Q. What I love about Jim.
What isn’t there to love about Jim?  I admire his support and encouragement for Zoe.  Also, he obviously adores and is immensely proud of his wife- what a wonderful quality.

Q. Favorite Susan quote.
I admire Susan’s wise and thoughtful approach to everything she says.

Q. When I see Zoe pink, I think...
...of the elegant beautiful store that is Zoe.

Q. What you’ll miss most about the store.

I will miss the Zoe girls and the fact that it’s no longer there.  It was nice having that connection to Old Town.

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