Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Interesting People

I've posted several times before about the interesting people I meet in the course of the business day at Zoe.  Last week was no exception!

One day around lunchtime, an older lady walked in the door, stopped and surveyed the store.  She very nicely said "What do you have that might look good on me?"  I loved it - what a delightful opportunity!  I did ask one question - were there any colors that she didn't like (no point in showing someone something they will hate right off the bat).  She told me that she liked all colors.

I suggested she might like one of two sweaters and pulled her size in both.  She tried them on and we discussed the possibilities for different ways to wear each item.  Following our discussion, she chose one of the sweaters!  That was such a fun experience - most of the time people already know what they are looking for or they are browsing the store to see if something pops out at them.  While it does happen occasionally, I don't often get to try my hand at wardrobe suggestions!

Another interesting visitor was the man who collects business cards from businesses based in Old Town Alexandria.  He said that he started doing it to get exercise and get out of the house following his retirement.  And sure enough, he had a big binder full of business cards!

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