Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Year Ago

Whenever I am worrying about a current challenge with the business, I am fortunate to have some friends who remind me of the challenges I had last year at this time and how I overcame those challenges!  (That is what friends are for, right?)

Today, the Atlanta Apparel Market started for Spring 2012 Fashions and Accessories.  Last year at this time, I had butterflies in my stomach as I prepared for my first buying experience.  If you haven't read my post on my first market visit, it is one of my favorites.

I will never forget how I felt in the days leading up to that trip.  My first worry was whether or not I was REALLY qualified as a buyer?  What if I got there and they turned me away?  Believe me, I took every bit of "proof" with me as I could!  I worried whether or not I would make good buying decisions - did I have my customer base appropriately identified?  Would I spend the store's inventory money wisely?  What would the account reps think of the "new girl"?  Had I left myself enough time to do all of the buying?  It was worse than the first day of school!

Also staring me in the face was the fact that I had signed a letter of intent for Zoe's space but there was no signed lease yet.  This was the latest in several "Leaps of Faith" that I was taking, just trusting that God had the appropriate plan in place for me.  I'll never forget sitting on the loveseat in my kitchen on the day before I was supposed to leave for market, getting all of my files and information together and feeling VERY panicked!  All of a sudden, my cat Lotus jumped up into my lap, sat down, and started purring.  How can you be anxious with a cat in your lap?

In so many ways, it seems like just yesterday.  But I've continued to learn lots of valuable lessons along the way.  It is almost hard for me to believe that I am just now getting shipments in store that I ordered AFTER I had opened!

Next:  Zoe goes High(er) Tech!

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