Monday, October 24, 2011

Meeting Mark

On Sunday evening I met Zoe's web designer, Mark, for the first time!  As you may remember from last Fall's blog posts, Mark was recommended to me by one of Cori's colleagues.  He lives in a suburb of Durham, NC so all of our work was done via email and phone.

Mark had originally lived in the DC area and was returning this week for a conference called "An Event Apart"  billed as "Three Days of Design, Code, and Content".  We follow each other's personal accounts on Twitter and agreed that it was time for us to meet and for him to meet Zoe.

After being completely horrified by the work being done on the Beltway, Mark got settled into the apartment where he is staying in Falls Church and made his way over to Old Town.  He thought that Zoe looked beautiful!  We both laughed because he came up with Zoe's online "look" prior to me determining the design for Zoe's bricks and mortar home.  Yet both seem very complimentary of each other.

Over dinner at Chadwicks, we touched on topics as far ranging as Wordpress (what I use to manage content for Zoe's website and what he is using for a blog for his wife) to church to couponing!  We had the same comfort level and easy rapport as we had had when working together remotely.  I had the opportunity to also learn a lot about the company he works for and about Durham.

It is hard to believe that last year at this time, we were working through wireframe diagrams like the one below:

I am forever indebted to all of Zoe's creative team members for inspiring me then and now.  They constantly help me look at the world in new and fresh ways.

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