Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Great Place to Buy Denim

As you know, sometimes Zoe is approached about media pieces that don't come to fruition.  That is why I am always afraid to write about anything until it is a SURE thing!  When I got a request from Washingtonian Magazine in early February, I was hopeful but tried to put it to the back of my mind.

One evening, I noticed another boutique that I follow in Georgetown was Tweeting about the article on denim in the March Washingtonian.  Since that was the article that I knew they were discussing with Zoe, I knew I needed to take a look.

Like any good magazine that wants to sell on the newstand first, they hadn't published any links to that month's articles.  So I knew I needed to see the real thing.  Jim and I were on our way to dinner and I asked if he would stop at a grocery store so that I could go in to look at the magazine.  To my delight, Zoe was included in the article (and yes, as with the incident in the airport a few months ago, I did buy the magazine). 

The story was about how to shop for denim and where to buy it.  I was really honored that Zoe was included in the article.

Our Red Engine jeans are not only my favorite denim but have a following at Zoe as well.  One thing people like about them is the great fit and the fact that they make jeans for different body types.  A link to the article can be found here - Nine DC Area Stores for Buying Jeans.  Even more surprising was the number of people who wrote to me or emailed me to say how excited they were that Zoe was included in the article. 

Speaking of Red Engines - I sadly missed my nephew's birthday party today in GA.  But I got some adorable pictures of him and his sister!

Many thanks to all of Zoe's customers for considering us a great place to buy denim!

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