Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fall Market - Part 3

After a better night's rest, I was prepared for Day Two of Fall Market!  One new variable for me - I had a suitcase to take with me!  I bid adieu to the beautiful Algonquin and was off to start my Monday! 

Before things got too hectic, I went straight to Chan Luu.  By getting there early, I knew I would have time to spend with one of my favorite reps, Natasha.  Here she is in the scarf booth at Chan Luu.

And I ordered some of these beautiful scarves for late Spring/early Summer!

After also placing a jewelry order and a Fall RTW (Ready to Wear) order, I was off to meet the ladies from JOOR.  I had written about JOOR in a previous blog post and how much I liked what they were doing to combine technology with fashion!  After talking with me and reading the post last Fall, they asked if I could meet with them during Market this year to review their new mobile apps and provide feedback.  Of course I said yes!

We found a cushy seat and they talked to me about my buying process and how I felt that technology could aid the process.  They also showed me samples of what they were doing on the iPhone and iPad.  I explained to them what I do now and what I WISH I could do and also how I would use the App if it were available to me.  We had a great conversation and finished with me volunteering to be a Beta Tester when they were ready! 

From there, I visited with a brand that we are considering carrying at Zoe called Leona.  The rep had stopped by to visit while on a road trip and Tara had seen part of the line.  They have some creative solids and some fun prints like this one! (Don't we all love shoes?)  All of their prints are first hand painted - it is really amazing to see the detail up close.

At that point, I knew I needed to head up to Pier 94, where many of the denim and accessories designers and showrooms were located.  Imagine me with my suitcase on the little shuttle van that takes you there!

Once I arrived, I immediately sought out my Red Engine rep, Jenny.  I was so excited to share the article from the Washingtonian (which I haven't even blogged about yet!!) that included Zoe and Red Engine!  I gave her my copy of the magazine, knowing that I could buy another one when I returned home.  She also agreed to pose for this photo for a series we were doing on Zoe's reps!

I checked out a few other vendors prior to making my way to see my friend and talented handbag designer Alexandra Satine!  I loved her new Spring/Summer collection!

I am such a lover of color!  I picked out a few of her smaller items which should be arriving at Zoe mid-April!  We got to visit for a short while and catch up on each others lives!  We have always felt we had a lot in common because we were both starting our businesses at about the same time.

At that point, it was just about time to start making my way to Penn Station.  As I sat down to check my email one more time, I noticed that the show DJ was a woman!  Very cool and appropriate!

After procuring an original black & white cookie for Jim, I was on the way back home, orders in hand through September.  But I would only be home for a little while...

Next Up:  Wait, There's More?

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