Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sparkle Returns to Zoe

What is better on a cold winter day in February than having a little Sparkle come in the store?

That's right!  Our favorite NYC jewelry designer, Katie Bartels, was back in the DC area and came to visit us again at Zoe!  (We love her sparkly shoes!)

Katie had recently returned from a trip to Iceland (yes, I continue to live vicariously through her!) where she had purchased some yarn with the goal of incorporating it into jewelry!  She had also started taking knitting classes upon her return to New York.  Well!  I told her she HAD to come to Alexandria and check up the finest yarn and knitting store around - fellow Old Town Boutique District member Fibre Space!

After a fun visit with us at Zoe, we hopped in my car and headed to Fibre Space.  We were both immediately dazzled by the incredible array of yarns available.  Confession time - when I was growing up, the lady who used to stay with me and my brother after school and during the summer taught me how to knit and crochet.  (Those of you who know my lack of craftiness can stop laughing now).  I actually made a pair of emerald green house slippers.  Our yarn came from the local Five and Dime stores.  And it was all pretty much the same weight. 

Not so at Fibre Space - there are the most dazzling arrays of colors, strengths, and weights of yarn I've ever seen!  Katie was also blown away!  Here she is perusing a scarf that is made from a very strong yarn that almost has a metallic quality to it!

The staff at Fibre Space is always super-helpful and we were especially delighted when owner Danielle came back to the store.  She was able to give Katie all sorts of helpful information, including a great website for designs, a yarn store in Soho, and a great book for starting knitters. 

Katie and Danielle with Katie's finds!!

We will keep you up to date on Katie's creations with her Alexandria yarns!  It was great fun introducing her to all we have to offer in Old Town!

Next Up:  Fall Market Time - Part 1

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  1. Katie's stuff is beautiful. She is very talented. I love her creations at Zoe.