Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fall Market - Part 2

It was really exciting to wake up on Sunday morning already in NYC instead of on a train.  And to know that I had all day to spend at market as well as a good part of the following day!  I love breakfast (probably my favorite meal of the day) so I started out with a hearty one (since I never know when I will have time to eat at market).  I am not one who normally takes pictures of food but imagine a spread of eggs, bacon, toast, cranberry juice and coffee! 

The first challenge would be getting to the Javits Convention Center, one of the two market locations.  Fortunately, I quickly hailed a cab just outside the Algonquin and was on my way.  Sunday mornings are so peaceful in NYC!  But the cabs were busy - check out this scene from the drop off point!

After registering and checking my coat (another first - I had always just kept it with me the whole day), I was off to explore!  I had intentionally scheduled my first appointment for 10 am (the market opens at 9) so that I could walk around a bit.  My first focus - finding a great sweater company to outfit Zoe's customers for Fall!  Just in the two years I've been open, two of the sweater lines that I carried have either stopped producing or have stopped attending the shows.  So I needed to find a replacement.  I had also had the young lady who does Zoe's social media ask Zoe's followers to provide feedback on sweaters so I was armed with that good information!  Fortunately, I found one that I love within about 20 minutes!

After I finished writing the order there, I was off to my appointments - I was booked solid through 4 pm.  What did I see?  Lots of black and white (already a strong trend for Spring), Color blocking, Peplums, lots of leather accents, and beautiful red/black/camel combos.  And as I've mentioned before, I love seeing my reps!  A few pictures from the day.

Black and White at Rebecca Taylor

Red/Black/Camel (with leather) at Alice & Trixie

My fabulous rep, Maye (read about her first introduction to me here)

Stylish find from Tracy Reese - it always great when they have a model in the booth who can show you exactly what the piece looks like on a human figure!

Loved this trench coat at Contrarian

Also loved Contrarian's gorgeous purple flowers!

I was seeing so many beautiful colors and styles!  But I was also really feeling my ongoing sinus problem in the form of a painful sinus headache.  I took a quick break to get an Americano from the Starbucks kiosk in the hallway area of the convention center and I continued on!

Love this vest from Waverly Grey!

Swing Coat from Beth Bowley (they have the BEST coats - remember the Swacket?)

Project Runway Alum Christopher Collins himself showed me his line!

By now, it was 5:30 and I had reached the point of absorbing all I could and the real need to find some medicine for my headache.  I quickly grabbed a car service back to the hotel and walked straight to the ubiquitous NYC drug store Duane Reade.  A quick purchase of Tylenol Sinus and I was on my way.

I walked into the Algonquin and was once again greeted by the friendly clerk from the night before.  I asked her "where would you recommend I go for a quiet, delicious meal as a woman traveling alone?"  She suggested ReSette, a cozy Italian restaurant only a block away.  It did not disappoint and I had the most delicious homemade bread, olive oil, and black linguine seafood dish (with a glass of wine).  It was just what I needed! 

A quick walk back to my hotel and a change into my PJ's to relax and watch all of the beautiful Oscar fashions.  I needed to rest up again for Day Two!

Next Up:  Fall Market - Part 3

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