Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Business Plan!

Today, I spent a significant amount of time continuing to work on my business plan for Zoe - the hours went by so quickly! I've broken the plan down into key areas:

1) Mission
2) Keys to Success
3) Objectives
4) Company Summary
5) Products
6) Market Analysis
7) Strategy and Implementation
8) Web Plan
9) Management
10) Financials

I also spent time working on my technology plan, including the review of a checklist for point of sale system requirements. I also researched email marketing options to understand costs, levels, and functionality.

Now, a confession about the technology plan. I would love to do Apple based systems for the store but am really trying to determine if I should go in that direction. There are many Apple offerings available but I need to make sure it is the right decision for the business and not just because I think it would be fun/really cool.

Rouding out the day, I sent in the pre-qualification form for the AmericasMart Atlanta. With my family so close by, I'll likely go there to place the orders for Zoe. Just reading through their New Retailer Information Packet makes me want to get started quickly!

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