Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chief Financial Officer

I've been the CFO of my household since Jim and I got married but this is the first time I've been CFO of a company (I'm also the janitor, the receptionist, head of HR, etc...) Today, I checked in with my accountant, to let him know where I am in the process of starting the business and what I see happening in the next two weeks. By the middle of next week, I'll have prepared my second financial statement for ZCG LLC. (Right now, it is very easy!)

As a result of opening ZCG's bank account, I received the official business debit card in the mail. There was definitely a little thrill of excitement in seeing the business's name on the card!

I also spent time online, reviewing potential space availability and average rental rates for the areas I am considering locating Zoe. I am planning to speak with my broker next week to start narrowing down the space possibilities.

Zoe is growing a little bit every day!

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