Thursday, May 20, 2010

Logos and Locations

Today, I had a fabulous lunch with my very talented and creative friend, Cori Canady. Not only did we enjoy the chance to catch up but we also spent time talking about the logo and collateral design for Zoe.

As part of our discussion, she asked me for more detail on my vision for the store, the type of location and customer experience that I hope to provide to my guests. All of my ideas just seemed to flow so naturally when I talked to her! I brought her samples of logo styles that I like as well as suggestions for parts of the color palate. (Carol and Krista taught me about that at COPT!) She will work up a quotation/plan for me and we will go from there. I'm so excited to have her as part of Zoe's team!

Since we met for lunch in Old Town Alexandria, I spent some time walking around before our meeting. The purpose was to look at potential space and also get an idea of the operating hours for other non-chain stores in that area. I saw four potential spaces in just the few blocks I had time to walk! I wrote down information on each of them so that I can continue my research. I really need to go and walk Old Town, Arlington (between Ballston and Rosslyn) and Del Ray with a true sense of purpose, to pick up on the vibe of each neighborhood/location.

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