Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

This was Zoe's first Christmas Eve in business so I felt it was worth writing about in the blog.  And this should be the last of the Christmas posts for this year!

I had already decided that Zoe would not be open the full 8 hours on Christmas Eve.  I had chosen 4 pm as the closing time.  Other boutiques in the Alexandria/DC area had 2 pm and 3 pm closings (and some did not open at all).  Based on my experience, I found that I could have closed at 3 pm with no issues.  I did have one man come in to look at around 3:02 but then no additional customers after that point.  In fact, The Christmas Attic across the street closed at 4 pm!

I did not experience any frenzied, last minute shopping on Christmas Eve.  A few men came to look for maybe "one more gift" or a stocking stuffer but they weren't desperation shopping.  Many people had family visiting from outside the area and were just enjoying the sunny day by getting out for a stroll in Old Town.  I had one female friend come in to buy a few gifts (and a gift for herself).  But it was very much a quiet day.

It was nice to have the extra time that evening and the time on Christmas Day to relax a bit.  Having worked every day since Thanksgiving, it was a nice break (although sometimes I feel a little lost/overwhelmed when I'm home - I have SO much that needs my attention!)

Overall, the Christmas season was enjoyable and, as always, a fantastic learning experience!

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  1. Good lessons to learn for next year!

  2. I agree, Juice. One of the reasons I like to keep the blog is to help to remind me of all that I've learned!