Monday, December 26, 2011

Would You Like A Box With That?

Not to be confused with "Would you like fries with that?"

Although I had people buy items as gifts earlier in the year, I had never really had anyone ask for boxes.  And much of the jewelry that I sell comes with it's own beautiful storage bag so that was frequently satisfactory for most customers.  (One man, upon buying his wife a necklace and selecting a decorative bag said "Wow - I don't even need to wrap this now!")

But if most people are like me, they REALLY like to have a size appropriate box for their gifts.  In early October, I ordered three sizes of boxes from Capital Packaging and Design.  They serve many of the businesses in Old Town and the salesman, James, had been calling on me since the summer.  Because they are based locally (Gaithersburg), I had my boxes within a day or two.  I had chosen not to have them imprinted with the logo so that substantially cut down on delivery time (and cost).

I purchased the small square jewelry size boxes, blouse sized boxes, and sweater sized boxes.  The jewelry boxes already came "preassembled" with the cushion material inside.  The other two box sizes were folded flat for easier shipping.  When my mother came for Thanksgiving, she probably spent close to two days unfolding the boxes, putting three sheets of Zoe tissue paper and a Zoe sticker in each one and then folding them flat again for storage.

The boxes have definitely come in handy and it has been nice to have them to offer to people during the entire holiday season.  And I still have enough left that I can continue to offer them as requested/needed throughout the year!

On Friday, a man walked in and asked if he could buy a box.  I gave him one - it just seemed silly to charge him for something like that.  Hopefully people who received gifts purchased at Zoe were excited to see the pink polka dot tissue paper when they opened the box!

Next up:  Christmas Eve

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