Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Don't Do It!

Last Wednesday, I received an email from my Point of Sale Software vendor, touting a new release of the software.  My first thought was "Hmmmm...not so sure I want to perform an upgrade during such a critical time of year in my sales cycle."  Plus, past experience has never made me a fan of jumping into a new release quickly unless there is a regulatory reason to do so.  I reviewed the bug fixes and enhancements and determined there was nothing that I needed at this time.  This could definitely wait until January.

On Friday, a follow-up email came out.  Turns out that there were some incompatibilities with some database configurations that had created problems for those trying to upgrade.  The link to upgrade had been suspended until the development team could fix them with a new release planned for early this week.  I had to smile (a little bit) but felt bad for those who had attempted the upgrade and the developers who now had to work the weekend to fix the problem.

Moral of the story - Don't Do It!  (Or, at least don't do it until someone else has done it first!)


  1. I will forever carry the battle scars of upgrades gone bad. Not a fan of putting myself through that sort of pain and suffering! Plus, I'm the only one who could sign off on the change control (this will be humorous to those who know...)