Monday, July 15, 2013

Accessorize Me

I have been thinking a lot about accessories lately.  And observing what people wear.  And I realize that we mostly fall into three categories:  1) Creatures of habit/meaning, 2) Neutral lovers and 3) Mix and Match.  Sometimes we cross categories but we can pretty much predict where we fall on any given day.

I will tell you that I really want to be a Mix and Match girl.  But I'm pretty much a blend of Creature of Habit/Neutral lover.  So what do I wear on a daily basis?

I still wear a watch.  Jim gave me a beautiful art deco watch about 10 years ago and I don't go without it.  The one pictured above is very close to mine.  I recently read a popular blogger's post on Instagram that questioned why anyone would wear a watch except as a fashion statement.  I do still look at mine to tell time! And I don't feel fully dressed without it!

You'll pretty much always see me wearing my Chan Luu Hematite Wrap Bracelet on my right wrist.  It was the first thing that I appropriated for myself at Zoe so that I could show customers how it looks and works.  I even had to have it repaired after a year and half of constant wear (remember this post?)  Although I like to wear other bracelets sometimes, I always feel a bit lost when I'm not wearing it.  (Like I'm cheating on it!)

A recent addition to my wrist is this beautiful hematite cross bracelet from my Union Street neighbor Mystique Jewelers.  The owner, Liz, had always admired my Chan Luu and told me about the cross bracelet when it arrived.  The hematite, along with the black CZ in the cross, is the perfect compliment to my wrist!

As far as rings go, I always wear my engagement and wedding rings along with a Tanzanite and Diamond ring that I purchased as a gift for myself at Ajanta Jewelers in the Virgin Islands (similar to the one above except I have an Emerald cut for the Tanzanite stone).  Whenever I look at it, I am transported back to a wonderful vacation.

I get a little more adventuresome when it comes to earrings and necklaces but I gravitate toward Zoe's designers Katie Bartels and ADMK Jewelry.  But I tend more toward neutrals and things that I can mix and match with lots of other colors.

Where would you categorize yourself?  And why?  More on accessories later this week...

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