Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rushing The Seasons

Why are we always in a hurry for the next new, exciting thing?  Why can't we just enjoy and savor the season we are in?  But it is human nature.  Always looking for new, interesting, better.

In past seasons, I have tired of the current season at Zoe.  The colors and styles that I was so in love with when they arrived reach a point of "Oh, I'm so ready to be done with those pieces - they need to find a home."   I will say that this Spring and Summer, I have remained enamored with the beautiful colors and styles.  The designers truly outdid themselves.

But now the Fall pieces are starting to arrive.  (Let's not discuss the lunacy of Fall clothing arriving in July - that's a whole other blog post).  And I look at them and I start to imagine the crisp Fall Saturday afternoons.  The purple and red top with dark denim.  That amazingly cozy sweater with the leather belt.  And, although it goes against everything in my nature, I long for Fall.

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