Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Picture This

I can usually remember how I got started using a form of Social Media but I can't remember exactly what sparked my interest in Instagram a little over a year ago.  But it is rapidly becoming one of my favorite ways to not only see the world in photographs but share a little of my own world too.

Until preparing to write this blog post, I didn't realize where the name came from - the founders loved playing with cameras and liked the idea that cameras "back in the day" touted themselves as "Instant".  They also felt that the snapshots that people were taking were like telegrams being sent over the wire to others.  So why not combine the two words?

Earlier this year, I tried to take a photo every day (that was one of my promises to myself - that I would share more of myself with people).  But some days it just felt forced.  So I decided to share when it was relevant - sometimes I'll go two or three days without sharing a picture and others I'll share three pictures in a day!

I don't have an account just for Zoe (more on that in a bit) but have instead kept my account focused on my world as a whole.  You never know what you might see....

A shot of the new Summer Velvet Arrivals at Zoe back in April.

Pictures of cars (Jim loves them!)

Gratuitous pictures of the niece and nephew (my cuties!)

Silly pictures (one of my first when I was still learning to use it last summer!)

Pictures when I'm at Market (Tara and Alexandra love to follow along remotely to see what I'm looking at!  These are three Rebecca Taylor Pre-Fall pieces that I selected in January and they  recently arrived in store.

I try to remember to hashtag the Zoe related items with #shopatzoe.  Which brings me to my question - do you like to follow your brands and stores on Instagram?  I don't market my personal account to my customers (of course, if they wanted to follow, they would be welcome to do so).  But I know how much I enjoy following other stores and brands.  Let me know your thoughts.  Or if I should stick with my personal only.  I'm fine with that too!

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  1. For me, Instagram is a completely selfish form of social media. I only follow people. And, I try to keep my numbers down. I like the idea of having something that feels more "close circle". Friends & Family.