Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm Too Old To Wear That

Have you ever heard anyone say that?  Have you ever said that yourself?  If you've ever felt that way, did you know that with a few enhancements, you can change the look of almost any piece to be what you feel is age appropriate?

Yesterday, Tara had a customer admire our Contrarian Swanny Sheath Dress (which I absolutely adore)!

But she said "Oh, I think I'm too old to wear that."  Upon finding out she is a Middle School Teacher, Tara suggested that she could buy it for the classroom, toss a cardigan over it and wear it over leggings as a tunic!  The customer loved the idea!

See something you like but are wondering if you can pull it off?  Let us help you!  And never say "I'm too old to wear that" again.

P.S.  We style ladies from their teens to their 80s.  You are never too young or old to shop at Zoe!

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