Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Meaning of It

So sorry to disappoint you.  Not a post of The Meaning of .....Life.  I'll save that for another day!

Today's post is going a little further on Monday's post about jewelry.  As I mentioned, I really am an observer of what people wear.  And I have several friends who I have never seen without a particular piece of jewelry, even if they have it layered/combined with something else.  I was brave enough to ask them about the meaning of their pieces.  I love their stories.

One of my friends always wears the most beautiful, delicate necklace.  When I asked her about it, she told me that, when she was a teenager, her mother bought her the single diamond from Tiffany's (her mother also had one).  She loved it and its simplicity so much that about 20 years ago, she bought the one she has now and has never taken it off (with the exception of having to have a recent repair to the chain after pulling on it a bit too hard).  The single diamond Tiffany necklace is pictured below - beautiful, isn't it?

And it layers so nicely with pretty much any other necklace she chooses!

Another of my friends always wears a heart pendant.  When asked about it, she told me that her husband (boyfriend at the time) had given it to her as one of the first gifts in their relationship and she has only taken it off during surgery.  It is another classic, timeless piece that looks beautiful with everything.

And another friend always wears a Ruby ring.  When I asked her about the origin of this ring, she told me that it had been her grandmother's ring and from the moment it was given to her, she has always worn it - over 20 years!  Looking at it brings back fond memories of the woman who had worn the ring before her.  The ring she wears looks like this one.

I admit it - I am such a sentimentalist.  I love these stories.  And I love to imagine the possibility that people who shop at Zoe are finding "that piece" that will be something they wear for 20 years too.  I also love the fact that none of these pieces are "fad" pieces - they truly are classics. 

Do you have a piece of jewelry that you love to wear?  Tell me about it and it's meaning!

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  1. I love a sweet, delicate necklace, like the one your friend wears. Beautiful!