Thursday, August 19, 2010

California Inspiration

I've mentioned that I had many inspirations for Zoe.  And I got to visit one of my favorites on Monday in La Jolla.  Robina has been in business in the same location for 16 years on Prospect and is one of the most charming, customer-service oriented stores I've ever visited.  The store across the landing has just become vacant and they are thinking about expanding into that space with additional lines and offerings.

Jim is what I'd call a resigned shopper.  He is resigned to sitting outside on a bench and watching cars and people while I shop.  But this time I also had a partner in crime with me - my mother!  The scene unfolded like this:

Susan: If you'd like, go ahead and grab this bench, we're going to walk down the street.  We'll come back and get you.

Jim:  OK

1 hour later, Mom and I reapproach the bench

Jim:  How many stores did you visit?

Susan: One

Jim:  WHAT????????????

Mom:  Oh, Jim, she looked adorable in everything she tried on (my mom is biased).

Robina and her staff are so delightful.  Not only did we have fun with wardrobing with their just in shipment of California fall clothing, but they also offered to ship my purchases to me so that I did not go over the weight limit on the already challenged luggage.  We talked about the size of my potential space, which would be just a little larger than their current space.  She encouraged me to carry some of their same lines, including Red Engine Jeans, which have an amazing fit.  As always, I left there encouraged, enthused, and better dressed!  My hope is that people will experience the same delight when shopping at Zoe.

Tomorrow....Logo news!!!


  1. I hope Jim has a good book to keep him company while you shop. Err, conduct "research." ;)

  2. I don't think he brought a book along this time but he does always bring his camera and takes pictures of cars that he likes. He always sees some VERY nice ones in La Jolla. He is a patient man.