Friday, August 27, 2010

Where is it going to be?

Jim was out washing our cars this evening and was asked by multiple neighbors about the status of the boutique.  Their major question "Where is it going to be?"  Unfortunately, he had to share with them the news that we still don't know yet!

In some back and forth discussion with my broker today, we did talk about a potential sublet space on King Street.  I like the size and location but am iffy about doing the sublet.  We are going to talk some more on Monday about it and other space that may be available.  The one thing that is bugging me a little about this space is that I had noticed (during my original tours of space) that this location had a tenant moving out.  I asked him about the status of it and he didn't know.  Now all of a sudden it is available for sublet.

On to happier notes, my friend Tim had asked about the font for the large Z in the Zoe logo.  Verbatim from Cori, here is information on the large Z font - the initial ‘Z’ is set in Zapfino, which was designed by and based on the calligraphy of Hermann Zapf, a very prolific German typeface designer. He is responsible for a number of familiar fonts (Optima, Palatino, Zapf Dingbats, just to name a few others).  Tim, Cori and I are so glad there are other font geeks out there like us!

Also while washing the cars this evening, Jim also grabbed neighbor Mike, who is VP of a printing company in Springfield.   Jim asked him if he'd like to help me with printing up some of the required items for Zoe and he said they would be delighted to do so.  I'll be talking with him more next week.  

As always, there remains plenty for me to do!  I am looking forward now to having the space question behind me.

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