Monday, August 23, 2010

Today (Logo Unveiling)

Today, I....

  • Got to wish my Mom a Happy Birthday in person over breakfast in Athens, GA
  • Had special memories of my Dad, whose birthday is also today
  • Drove 602 miles from Athens to Alexandria, VA (home!)
  • Ran 3.25 miles (I guess I figured I hadn't gone far enough with the 602)
  • Get to unveil Zoe's logo!
Let me say how indebted I am (and continue to be) to Cori Canady's abilities to understand me and the pure essence of Zoe as well as her incredible design capabilities and many connections in the artistic world.  I am fortunate to have her as a friend and as the graphic designer for Zoe.

Here is the stacked version of the logo.

And here is the horizontal version!

I will use the dramatic Z for certain uses and will also use Zoe Girl in different communications and collateral as well!  Based on our meeting last Wednesday, Cori will follow up with the illustrator to discuss the changes to Zoe Girl!  I can't wait to share her with you, too!


  1. I really like it. It is distinctive, something that you will remember easily. In the stacked version I like how the bottom of the Z underlines the boutique and crosses through the Z in Zoe. I remember you mentioned Kabel as the font, but is the pink Z based on a font too, or is that artistic?

  2. Love it! Can't wait to see it on my bag after purchasing my items from your new store!!

  3. Tim, I will ask Cori about the pink Z. I am sure it is a font but I had forgotten to ask what it was! I will let you know as soon as I find out.

  4. Thank you, Shari! Can't wait to have all of you visit me in Alexandria at the store!