Friday, August 20, 2010


On Wednesday afternoon, Cori and I (along with my mom) met at Buzz to finalize the logo and better define what I needed for Zoe Girl.  We had a wonderful session, which resulted in confirming the logo, where we would use it and how.  Cori has since sent me electronic versions of the logo that will be shared on the blog (!!) and on the Zoe Boutique Facebook page VERY soon.  (I have been so tired from all of my traveling that I want to be of sound mind when I do the reveal)!

Based on the finalization of the logo, Cori is also contacting the web designer, Christine Moctezuma, based in Atlanta.  I may need to visit for some creative consultations, you know!  And we also made some decisions on Zoe Girl.  Cori will be speaking to the illustrator, Lisa, on Monday to share our ideas, including having Zoe Girl with flowers in her bag, changing the color of her clothing slightly to match our color palette, giving her facial features, and adjusting her bag to match appropriately.  I will be purchasing the rights to her so that I may use her in any type of marketing or advertising.

I will plan to do the reveal on Monday evening on the blog!  Stay tuned!

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