Tuesday, August 17, 2010

West Coast Research

I apologize for not blogging as much this month so far.  With my mom visiting and then our trip to California for my cousin's wedding, I've had much more limited computer time and time to work on Zoe.  But it doesn't stop me from constantly thinking about the store and researching new ideas.

I'll be writing over the next few days about my impressions following the California trip.  I finished another one of my boutique owner books on the flight out.  Once again, I love that they put so many of the management and decision-making parameters into such common sense terms.  One area that the book talked about was the merchandising of the store (going back to the things my mom remembers positively).  When entering a store, do you like to see similar colors of clothing together?  Or do you prefer to see similar types together?  Or do you want all coordinating items together?  I observed this carefully in the boutiques we visited in Coronado and La Jolla.  Most seem to group by color.

Key space news!  The broker has confirmed that the landlord is ready to review my financials in relation to the LOI.  I'll be sending that on to him this week.

And, Cori and I are meeting for additional logo and Zoe Girl work tomorrow afternoon!

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