Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Space Tours

Yesterday afternoon, my broker called and said I could come over to look at the space on West Street.  I went at once!  The space is for lease although the landlord is letting an antique dealer use the space until someone signs a formal lease.  The space is approximately 1,200 square feet covering two levels and was once a house in Old Town.  There are two brick fireplaces on the first and second levels.  The stairs going up to the second level are fairly steep - I'd probably consider making a change there to make access easier if I chose to go that way.

I had lots of questions for my broker which he hopes to have answered for me by tomorrow.  We also have an appointment to see the space on King Street tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm.  I'm not sure how I feel about having two levels - I can see the pluses and minuses for it on many fronts (I've started to list them to try to help me through my thinking process).  The space on King is one level and is about 1,000 square feet.

There is still a chance that the space could become available on N. Henry.  The broker assures me that we'll confirm the status prior to making an agreement on any other space.

But, no complaints.  At least there is activity on this front!  And on many others as well.  As soon as we have finalized the illustration of Zoe Girl, I'm going to order my shopping bags and other items (the lead time is fairly long for custom printed bags - if I end up opening prior to receiving them, I'll go with a plain bag with a sticker on it until I get the custom bags in stock.)

Today, I am going to start researching the type of web design I'd like to have for Zoe.  This is so I can speak as intelligently as possible at my lunch meeting on Thursday.  I will say, most boutique web design leaves something to be desired.  Ecommerce sites are better but that will not be my focus in year one.  I need to find the right combination of information and marketing to live on the site.

It all still remains so much fun.  There is nothing like creating something that is yours.  I'm so thankful for this opportunity.

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