Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ups and Downs

Ah, the roller coaster ride of starting your own business...good thing I like roller coasters!  However, there can be lots of screaming involved!!

Earlier in the week, Cori had spoken with our potential web designer.  Unfortunately, she is now too booked to take on designing the Zoe website so we will look at other options.  But that's ok - I'm hoping to have the site ready to go about a month prior to opening the store.

On Wednesday, I had a huge triumph when I finally convinced myself that I was happy with my business plan for Zoe.  Although it was a very angst-ridden exercise (due to my desire to make it perfect), it was also very satisfying to see it all on paper in great detail.  It is not a document that I'll just put on the shelf but will instead continue to refer to, revise, and update as it guides me over the next 5 years in the business.

After delivering it to my broker to provide to the landlord, I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  And then I got more good news!  Cori had discussions earlier this week with the illustrator of Zoe Girl, Lisa Henderling.  She received the agreement to give me exclusive rights to the slightly redesigned Zoe Girl and I signed off and sent my agreement back today.  Lisa had indicated to Cori that since the changes were fairly minor, she could probably have something for us to look at in a couple of weeks!  A new unveiling to come!

Then, back down the roller coaster again.  My broker contacted me to say that, because it has just been determined that Virginia state regulations will require that the daycare center (going in across the breezeway from the planned Zoe space) have more space for offices and food prep then they are currently negotiating to rent at their location.  Because the expansion space will have to be as close as possible to their current space they must include the Zoe space.  That, my friends, is a bummer.  (I know, not a very businesslike term but the best way to describe it).

My broker asked if I'd be interested in another space in the same area.  It is really larger than I want and, if I were the landlord, I wouldn't want to subdivide it.  I've asked him to give me an idea of when we'll be sure that the day care center lease will be signed (so I'll know for sure that the space is gone) and that I'd like to keep looking for space.  Although I'd like to get started, I'm not going to just take space to take space.  It has to be right as it is such a key element of the success of the business.  

But, the business plan is polished and complete.  Zoe has a gorgeous logo and Zoe Girl will arrive soon. I've lined up many of my vendors already.  Many things to be happy about!  Hang on for the ride!!


  1. Yay!


    Thinking good thoughts about space for Zoe.

  2. Thank you for all of your good thoughts, Juice! I know they are helping!