Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's Time to Pack

I rebel in very strange ways.  Of all of my idiosyncrasies, the one that probably drives Jim the craziest is my inability to pack for a trip until the 11th and a half hour.  And here I am, ready to travel tomorrow evening and have I even gotten a suitcase out yet?  Nope.

But, my argument always is "I'm thinking about what I'm going to take.  I've packed in my head."  (Please note that I use this rationalization in other areas of life as well.)  I do have a busy weekend coming up - I'll be at the Atlanta Market for the day on Saturday and then driving to my Mom's house on Saturday night.  I'll spend Sunday with her and with my brother, his wife, and my niece and nephew before getting on a plane and flying back late Sunday night.  And because I won't be coming home before going to work on Monday, I also have to have an outfit for Monday (and to top it off I have a presentation that day too!)

The factors are comfort, style, and a small suitcase.  So what am I going to take?

For Market on Saturday:

This Amy Matto Ellis Shirt Dress is so stylish and comfortable and the perfect weight for a hot Atlanta summer day.  I have a neutral scarf and Nude LK Bennett Pumps that I'll pair with it.  And I'll still be dressed to go to dinner with my Mom when I arrive in Athens that night.

Sunday with the Fam (and Travel that evening):

I would LIVE in my Red Engine White Cinder jeans all Summer if I could.  I'll be wearing them on Sunday along with one of my favorite Rebecca Taylor tops and Michael Kors red flats.

Monday's Presentation:

Why, my Kathlin Argiro Pink Python Wrap Dress, of course!  There is no better dress to pack for a trip.  And I can leave my matching black LKs in the car since I won't need them until Monday morning.  Always have to conserve room in the suitcase!

See, I'm packed!!

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