Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Window Decorations

Zoe Assistant Manager Tara loves merchandising and displays.  She recently embarked on a new design for Zoe's beautiful, large windows facing South Union Street.  Over the weekend, she told me the story of her design.

Pinterest was the first source of inspiration - just try a search for "Window Displays" and you'll have a feast for the eyes!  Intrigued by some displays created on the theme of Van Gogh's beautiful Starry Night, she went to work determining how to create a backdrop of floating, three-dimensional stars!  (and follow my rule of "I don't want it to cost much!)

Her next search took her to YouTube, where she found a video "How to Make An Origami Diamond".  This easy and detailed tutorial was created by a young boy!  After watching it together in the store yesterday, we all agreed that you can learn to do anything on YouTube.

But what to use?  Tara expertly recycled old Modern Luxury DC Magazines and InStyle Magazines to form the diamonds and then construct them into stars.  She especially liked the thickness of the DC Magazine paper for ease of folding and holding shape.  As a result, no two stars are alike and all are bright and colorful!

She and Alexandra hung the stars one Wednesday afternoon and the effect is beautiful!  Stop by to see it in person!

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