Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Do you know my friend Jamie?  If not, I'd love to introduce you to her.  She describes herself on her blog as:

Wife. Mother. Daughter. Friend.
Runner. Lipstick addict.
Researcher. Patient. “Survivor.”

(Photo by Sally Brewer Photography)

She describes herself perfectly in her "About" section on her blog - A breast cancer researcher turned stay at home mom turned breast cancer patient, I'm navigating my way through cancer treatments and my quest for normalcy in its aftermath. Sometimes normal is hard, and sometimes it's as simple as going for a run, throwing on some lipstick, and heading out to chemo.

I've known Jamie for a number of years now - we first met through out church.  I have watched her bring two beautiful children into our world and admired her creativity and her sewing skills.  She and daughter Emma Clare have been Zoe cheerleaders and supporters since the day we opened our doors.  So you can imagine it was a shock to learn that my friend had breast cancer.

The grace with which she and her husband, Clay, navigated this difficult time was truly inspiring.  Whether she realized it or not, her determination and perseverance touched and encouraged everyone around her.  She is an amazing person and I am so thrilled she has decided to blog about her experiences - I know that countless others will be uplifted by her experiences.

In early September, Jamie had attended the Fashion's Night Out event at Zoe.  As part of the store's swag bags (given with each purchase that night), we included an infinity scarf from customer favorite brand Velvet.  As she started to go through chemo, Jamie needed a scarf for her head for warmth and style!  She used a seam ripper to transform the Velvet Infinity Scarf into the gorgeous head scarf you see in the picture above.  It became her favorite "go to" headgear!  When I told my Velvet rep about it during my visit to their showroom in May, she actually teared up!  I can't wait to share these pictures with her.

I hope you'll continue to follow Jamie on her journey.  I know I can't wait to do so!

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  1. Such kind words, Susan! I'm honored. And I'm so thankful that the lovely Velvet infinity scarf found its way into my swag bag, it was truly a blessing!