Monday, June 24, 2013

Shop Local

As the owner of a small business, you've seen me tout the "Shop Local" movement on many occasions.  But you may wonder, do I live it myself?  Let me share with you a recent Sunday afternoon...

The previous weekend, I had been given three of the most adorable pictures EVER of my niece and nephew.  Wanting to show them off as soon as possible (and have the opportunity to stare at that cuteness when I might be having a difficult day), I set off in search of frames.  It would have been easy to go to Target or Walmart but I didn't want to go that route.  I wanted to shop local.

My first stop on my Shop Local adventure was Stuart Nordin.  This charming shop had opened in Old Town last year and I had not yet had the opportunity to visit it!  While they did not have the frames I was searching for, I did have an opportunity to get a great idea of the unique items they carry - I know I'll be back to do some birthday and Christmas shopping!

Since I was right there on St. Asaph, I had to walk down to check out the newish home of Mint Condition.   I had actually been in this space before (several years ago when it was a Lilly Pulitzer store and more recently when it was home to Treat).  Toni, Mint Condition's owner, always posts the most amazing items on Facebook!  I am always hoping that the item will be my size (and that I could get there quickly enough to get it!)  So I had to stop in to see the new store and see what was new.  I was immediately drawn to this cute work dress that ended up making a trip home with me!

As I explained to someone that day, I love almost everything I bring in to Zoe.  But occasionally there are items that I can't stock for various reasons.  So I will sometimes look to my sister boutiques for items to augment my wardrobe!

Next on the list was a trip to The Shoe Hive for a pair of ankle strap pumps.  I had a vision of what I was looking for and found two difficult choices in my size.  I came home with these gorgeous Pour La Victoire pumps.

A storm was brewing so I cut my shopping short for the day.  I still need to check out Red Barn Mercantile and Maggie James for frames for those precious children.  I use olive oil from Olio, wear jewelry from Mystique, buy clothing for my husband at Periwinkle, pick up wine at The Christmas Attic, buy dog treats for the store at The Dog Park, buy shoes and bags at Bishop Boutique, shop for sweet treats at The Sugar Cube, buy gifts for my niece and nephew at Monday's Child, Why Not?, Pink and Brown, Hooray for Books, and Pink Palm, and shop for beauty supplies at Bellacara. 

This isn't to brag.  This is to say "I make the effort because I want all of us to be successful."  Of course I still go to Target.  I go to Giant.  I go to Costco (unwillingly).  But I'd MUCH rather shop in my local, independently-owned stores. 

The week of July 1- 7 is Independents Week (clever, eh?)  I challenge you to pick one day next week and do your best to only shop at (and dine at) locally owned businesses in your community.  And come back to the comments on the blog and let me know your experience.  Thank you from all of us!

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