Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What is Pre-Fall?

Before I owned a store, I would have asked the same question.  It's hot.  Summer has just started.  What on earth are you talking about?

Another of my my previous life, because I was always so busy with work, I usually did a major shopping trip about twice a year (typically Spring and Fall).  And I shopped whenever I traveled (always had to pick up a fun piece from a local boutique wherever I happened to be).  But I didn't particularly pay attention to "seasons".  I knew what I needed and when I could carve out time to shop and that drove my purchasing habits.

When I started shopping for Zoe, my second market visit introduced me to the concept of "Pre-Fall".  As I've researched the topic online, it really seemed to gain prominence as a "seasonlet" in the 2009/2010 timeframe.  As you know, there are two major seasons - Spring and Fall.  And we shop for our stores in the converse of those seasons (I bought for Spring 2013 in September of 2012 and I bought for Fall 2013 in Spring 2013).  The other Seasonlets (I love that word, by the way) are Resort, Summer, and Winter/Holiday.  I bought for Pre-Fall when I bought for Summer in January in NYC.

These seasonlets are much smaller collections that the large Spring/Fall collections.  Pre-Fall was created by designers to fill that period between Spring and Fall.  (Although personally, I still have a hard time thinking Fall clothes in our 100+ degree July days!)  Most Pre-Fall clothing is of lighter weight but tends toward the darker, richer colors of Fall.  And they can often be a preview into the direction the designer is going with their Fall collections. 

Not all of Zoe's designers create Pre-Fall collections.  The larger designers like Rebecca Taylor and Tracy Reese do as does Zoe's new designer (Pre-Fall arriving in July).  Some of my favorites from our recent Pre-Fall arrivals include:

I have seen this Rebecca Taylor dress on at least 3 body types and it looks STUNNING on each one.  I am in the process of re-ordering because this one is the one amazing dress you just have to try!

This Tracy Reese dress is a fun update on a classic look.  You can button up the sleeves or wear them long!  I confess I am coveting this dress.

Oh Rebecca Taylor - how I love your feminine creations.  This luxurious lace dress is not only gorgeous, but comfortable.  And a solid panel in the upper back adds an edgier twist to a classic.

This Tracy Reese lace front shift is a great weight - perfect for that late August, all through September weather!  And with football season coming, you know I have to start preparing for my Red and Black weekends!

Don't be afraid of Pre-Fall - embrace it!

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